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Pyramid of Dreams

It's about that time, so here's your prompt post! Leave all the…

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gravity is such a drag
It's about that time, so here's your prompt post!

Leave all the Kara/Sam prompts you want. Don't be shy!

If your write a story too long to fit in a comment, no worries: feel free to link to it elsewhere instead (or leave it in multiple comments). You may want to track this post to be kept up-to-date on prompts, but I think notifications are very slow right now so be warned that they may trickle in hours later.

As I said before, we'll consider this officially active for about 48 hours but I doubt anyone will be sad if prompts are filled after that. If you write a story of at least 1000 words today, consider posting it as part of the charity drive at bsg_epics, which will be accepting stories through the end of the day.
  • The relentless rock of her hips wrings satisfaction out of him. Since she got the bandages off her hands the sex has been so good it distracts him from that bittersweet edge almost every visit has had since they left New Caprica behind. It's like her hands have lost time and she has to make up for it. She traces his collarbone, presses her fingers against his lips until he captures them in his mouth; her hands cling to his shoulders and leave marks he's almost as proud of as the tattoo on his arm.

    He gave her a choice. She didn't go to Lee, didn't go to anyone, and she didn't say she's finally ready for a divorce. She came back to him, and with her on his lap, sweat-slick and boneless against him as she catches her breath, he has to think that there's still love here after all. Love she can't quantify, maybe, or love she struggles with, but it's there. He's never been able to make Kara do anything she didn't want to do.

    She rests her chin against his shoulder, a moment's tenderness that nearly takes him off guard, and his hand coasts down her spine, resting at the small of her back. He'll stay here as long as he can, but he knows his wife and he knows the routine: she doesn't stay still long.

    "You have the time to do this again this week?"

    "If you do, we'll make it happen." The truth is he'd make time for it no matter what, but he's sure she realizes that.

    Almost on schedule, she starts to push herself off him, moving to the edge of the mattress and reaching for her clothes. Behind her, he sits up to watch as she dresses, and when the show's just about over he leans out of the rack for his own clothes.

    Her "hey, hold on" makes him pause with his shirt in his hands, and he gives her a questioning look when she stops to open her locker. She comes out with her dog tag – his tag on its familiar thin leather strap – and his throat locks up when she moves in front of him and places it around his neck.

    It's the tag that saved his life, the tag that never let him give up on Caprica or even New Caprica, and giving it back to her and walking away has been one of his greatest regrets.

    She hovers there, not quite touching him, but any awkwardness between them melts away the instant she opens her mouth again: "Thought you looked naked."

    He looks down at himself, as naked as advertised except for the tag, and has to laugh and pull her into his arms again. The cool sliver of metal against his chest gives him more hope than he's had in months.
  • YAY! I love it! nice mix of Kara still needing her space and yet her actions speaking louder than words.

    (still annoyed that we didn't get the tag return in canon, but this makes up for it)
    • :D! I'm glad you like it! Kara doesn't get sentimental very often, but her actions do speak louder than words.
  • This is really lovely, intimate, and beautiful. I've been looking at it for a few days, and every time I think about it, I just beam over it. I'm so glad you wrote it and shared it.
    • Thank you, lady! I'm awfully happy to hear it!

      I kind of... can't see Starbuck being more blatantly sentimental about it even though it clearly means something to her.
  • <3

    OH KIDS. Silly silly angsty kids. (as much as I wish we'd had this scene in canon, I do like that it gives us the freedom to come up with every variation imaginable)
    • ♥! At least they gave us the implication. The ongoing saga of the dog tags is one of my favorite things. It would've been PURE TRAGEDY to never acknowledge it again after Collaborators.
  • So touching; perfect characterisation of Kara and his understanding of that, then such a lovely end.
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